About Us

Life Support Health Products was born out of a mission to simplify healthcare, optimize wellbeing, and eliminate over medication. Founded by world-renowned epigenetics doctor, Jay Goodbinder ND, DC, DABCI, Life Support HP is a supplementation company that centers around his philosophy of holistic and natural care. The human body is a complex combination of systems and organs that work together to keep us moving, healthy & fulfilling our purpose. While the body might be complex on paper, in reality, there is a more straightforward answer as to how to keep it functioning properly.

Obtaining optimal health doesn’t call for some complicated formula, instead, it is all about how we as individuals treat and fuel our bodies. From diet to exercise to supplementation and more, easily controlled lifestyle behaviors are how we best prevent or address disease.

Unfortunately, in today’s times, many individuals are looking for a quick solution or immediate fix to their health concerns. This often results in the chronic use of prescription medication(s). Though studies have shown the negative effects that these pharmaceutical drugs can have on other areas of health — as well as failing to provide a long-term solution.

Life Support HP is designed to help resolve this epidemic as our products have been meticulously formulated to deliver the appropriate natural nutrients to the body – with very few pills. We believe that the less artificially created foods, chemicals, and toxic exposures that interact with the body, the better. With this in mind, our supplements are created to eliminate the dependency on harmful medications, support positive immune system function, and support people with infectious pathogens.

As a healthcare company, we believe in the oath to do no harm & recommend preventative and healthy treatment whenever possible. This calls for us to educate and encourage our fellow medical practitioners on the choices we can make when treating those under our care. Healthcare isn’t meant to revolve around a drugstore, but instead the actionable and holistic steps we can recommend as healthcare professionals. Life Support HP is focused on creating an era of medicine where patients are empowered to enhance their health — all through their own doing.

How Are Life Support HP Products Formulated?

With decades of experience treating patients with an extensive variety of health concerns and conditions, Dr. Goodbinder was driven to create new, multi-use supplements that could combine the active ingredients and nutrients in countless other natural supplements. These specially formulated products have been rigorously tested and crafted to optimize the health of individuals of all ages.

The Life Support product is designed to energize the body, assist with gut re-regulation, and introduce critical nutrients and antioxidants into your system.

Total Pathogen Support is made to support people with several common viral, fungal and bacterial infections such as Epstein Barr Virus, Lyme Disease, clostridia, and more.

Who is Dr. Jay Goodbinder?

Jay Goodbinder NC DC DABCI is a doctor in Kansas City MO who serves clients in surrounding areas and cities across the United States, as well as several countries around the world.

Dr. Goodbinder went to the University of Kansas where he earned his bachelor’s degree in community health. For his doctoral degree, Dr. Goodbinder went to Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, KS. where he graduated Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude, Pi Tau Delta international chiropractic honors society, Who’s Who of all colleges and universities in the United States, and received the prestigious research award for functional medicine therapies. He has since also obtained a Naturopathic Doctorate.

Dr. Goodbinder has gone through four years of post-doctoral training in functional medicine, endocrinology, immunology, biochemistry, and physiology, as well as epigenetics. He speaks internationally about reversing life-crippling diseases. He is the author of the Amazon best-selling book “Defending Your Life” and has helped thousands of people all over the world fulfill their potential and realize their purpose in life.