How does LS help with digestion?

There is a vast array of advanced enzymes to help digest undigested particles in the small intestine and make it easier to digest healthy foods you are eating for fast absorption.

How does LS help with heart function?

LifeSupport has the move bio-available forms of calcium for muscle contraction, potassium to relax nerves and potentially optimize blood pressure and magnesium to help nerves work properly so blood pressure may normalize and make heart contraction effortless.

Can you take LS if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

LifeSupport is perfectly safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy as it was formulated to optimize human function and amplify organs rather than inhibit function.

Does LS help everyone?

LifeSupport can benefit anyone who wants to improve their health or optimize their performance.

Can LS be taken as a meal replacer?

LifeSupport can be taken as a meal replacement but it has such few calories that it may not be a sufficient caloric meal. There have been many people looking for a true detox that have done a life support only fast for 2 weeks and had great results.

How do I know if I need LS?

If you are breathing, you need it. There is nothing better on the planet. This is the first truly world class supplement for all of your functional wellness needs.

How do I know if LS is safe and Effective?

There is research on all the nutrients in LifeSupport. The manufacturer is a good manufacturing practices facility and everything has been tested by a third party laboratory.

How much LS do I need to take and how often?

Start with a half scoop daily and after the first week, increase to 1 daily. You will feel amazing.

When is the best time to take LS?

Taking LifeSupport anytime is a good idea. There are no stimulants or depressants take when you want to feel great morning or night.

What will LS do for me?

LifeSupport will potentially improve every measurable health indicator on laboratories. Doctors cannot believe the changes they are seeing in their patients.

How will LS make me feel?

LifeSupport should make your feel somewhat euphoric as when your cells start functioning at their best, you will feel superhuman.

Can I overdoes on LS?

It is not recommended that you take more than 3 scoops daily. This is a very powerful supplement and with that in mind, we must be careful. However, anyone can safely take 1 scoop daily with no worry at all.

Is LS safe for children?

We recommend a half scoop daily for children under 40lbs. However, many clients will give a whole scoop to young children and there has never been any reported negative effects.

Is LS vegan?

LifeSupport is not vegan. It has fish collagen protein and therefore, will be considered pescatarian.