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Our health is our number one asset. With that being said, we need to protect our investment by optimizing our behaviors and lifestyle choices. For all age groups, there are a variety of health concerns, goals, and outcomes that we wish to achieve. Often, a proper diet and regular physical exercise aren’t enough to drive the results we want. That’s why nutritional supplements are a cornerstone to improving and preserving your quality of life.

Life Support Health Products has tested, re-tested, formulized, and re-formulized, to provide nutritional supplements that serve the best holistic interests of individuals — and is done with the safest natural ingredients available.

Omni Support and Total Pathogen Support are two thoroughly researched, tested and designed nutritional supplements shown to help enhance performance, improve function, and stimulate positive health activity in a variety of wellness areas.

Not All Nutritional Supplements Are Created Equal

What we put in our body, matters — and that includes nutritional supplements. Just because a bottle of pills or a container of powder advertises that it is 100% safe and supports a variety of health outcomes, doesn’t make it true.

Unfortunately, many of the nutritional supplements on today’s market fail to provide the body with the right vitamins and nutrients, as well as cut corners when it comes to product quality. Every year, Americans spend over $35 billion on nutrition supplements, with many of these products providing no positive results or even dysregulating an individual’s overall wellbeing.

Additionally, why would we need to take 10 different supplement pills or powder scoops to achieve better health? Shouldn’t a single nutritional supplement exist that can enhance multiple body functions without needing to take a fist-full of products?

Wellness Goals With The Right Nutritional Supplements

Omni Support and Total Pathogen Support are two products made with the intention of taking the guesswork out of nutritional supplements, making it easy for all age groups to easily optimize their unique health goals via a once-a-day pill or dissolvable powder.

Omni Support is an overarching, everyday supplement with the goal of replacing countless countertop pills through one simple formulated scoop — delivering over 15 life-essential vitamins, sporeform bacteria, and nutrients. With Life Support, wellness goals from gut re-regulation (through the use of Zinc-L-carnosine & 5 billion CFU sporeform bacteria) to helping eliminate brain fog, are all possible to help with everyday aches and pains.

Total Pathogen Support aids in supporting the body with all the necessary nutrients to protect against many common pathogens. What equates to 8 different nutritional supplements, 1 Total Pathogen Support supplement optimizes the immune system and stimulates an appropriate immune response for people with Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease, and many more.

What Health Solutions Are You Seeking?

Discover how Life Support Health Products can address and improve a variety of wellness areas in your personal: