Energy and Vitality

Lack of energy and the associated loss of vitality are conditions that affect millions of Americans. These health concerns are a top priority for many clinicians, but the loss of energy and vitality can be associated with numerous symptoms and causes. 

What is Energy Depletion? 

Energy depletion is more than just being tired. Individuals who suffer from chronic lack of energy often find that their exhaustion interrupts daily life

What is Loss of Vitality? 

Loss of vitality is often associated with geriatric populations and those suffering from chronic disease. In reality, loss of vitality can affect any patient. It includes symptoms ranging from loss of physical sensitivity to a lower energy reserve and a change in enthusiasm for daily activities. 

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Nutritional Supplements: The Key to Boosting Energy and Vitality

Of those Americans who take prescription drugs, the average number of medications used per person is four. In such a medicated culture, many patients continue to suffer from energy depletion and loss of vitality. The correct nutritional supplements can partner with patients’ current prescription medications or even offer an alternative to current prescription medications. 

Accessibility in Health 

Loss of energy and vitality affects a large cross-section of patients, but not all medications are beneficial for every patient. Nutritional supplements like Life Support are safe for many populations including pregnant women, those with allergies, and sufferers of chronic health issues.

For healthcare and personal energy optimization to be successful, there needs to be an ease in lifestyle maintenance — this includes the nutritional supplements individuals can access and consume. When patients are forced to track nutrient levels across countless daily vitamins, they may not receive all their necessary nutritional needs or they may be getting toxic levels. The optimal nutritional supplement will make it easy to get all of your daily vitamins in just one dry powder scoop or a few dissolvable capsules. 

Immune Support 

Preventative medicine is an essential aspect of maintaining future energy and vitality levels. Lower energy levels are often a symptom of fungal, bacterial, spirochete, and/or viral conditions. Total Pathogen Support is a nutritional supplement that boosts a patient’s ability to fight off infections and avoid disruptive symptoms. 

Success in Simplicity 

Quality health support doesn’t need to be complicated. In 2018, American physicians prescribed or provided patients with around 860.4 million drugs. Nutritional supplements can potentially lower the number of prescription pills patients take — reducing the negative side effects that accompany them.

More Than A Daily Vitamin

Life Support nutritional supplement gives patients a quality, holistic option for achieving optimal health. It’s more than a ‘daily vitamin.’ Life Support offers a long-term solution for conditions like loss of energy and vitality. 

Life Support

This nutritional supplement is scientifically formulated to address a multitude of health concerns with only one scoop a day. It delivers all the vitamins and nutrients that patients need to promote energy and vitality, including Vitamin D and COQ10.  

  • Vitamin D: Supports energy levels and can function as a mood enhancer. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with fatigue and energy loss 
  • COQ10: This supplement is essential to the body’s ability to produce energy and assists the heart’s ability to function

Total Pathogen Support

Many patients suffer from a continuous loop of infections, viruses, and chronic pain. This takes a significant toll on energy levels and severely decreases patient vitality. Total Pathogen Support is designed to be a holistic nutritional supplement for patients with viruses, bacterial issues, and conditions like Lyme Disease. This nutritional supplement takes the guesswork out of supplementation using ingredients like Lumbrokinase and Boswellia. 

  • Lumbrokinase: This enzyme is known to “eat up” inflammatory markers found in the blood
  • Boswellia: This herbal extract is used to reduce inflammation and promote healing

Improve Overall Health With Nutritional Supplements 

There is no shortcut to better health. Life Support Health Products has done the work testing and formulating a nutritional supplement with the safest natural ingredients available. Tackling the root cause of energy and vitality depletion doesn’t need to be another exhaustive process.