Immune System Support

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The human immune system is a combination of specialized organs, cells, and chemicals that help the body defend and fight against infection. Protecting and optimizing the health of the immune system is critical to the overall health of our minds and bodies. 

Throughout the day, we are exposed to countless bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins, and other foreign invaders. The job of the immune system is to identify and repel harmful vectors that make their way into our bodies. In order to have an effective and efficient immune system, decisions need to be made that support its wellbeing. The first and biggest component of immune system support is choosing a healthy lifestyle. 

The immune system requires the right amount of balance and harmony to function at its optimal state. Some straightforward ways to naturally strengthen your immune system include: 

  • Not smoking 
  • Consuming a diet based around fruits, vegetables & appropriately raised meats
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight 
  • If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation 
  • Get enough daily quality sleep 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Practice good hygiene habits such as regular hand washing 

How The Immune System Works 

The immune system is broken down into two main parts: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. The innate immune system is what an individual inherits when they are born. This part of the system includes the skin, the eye’s cornea, mucous membranes, gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts — which all create a physical barrier to help reflect potential invaders. 

The adaptive immune system is developed over time and is mainly responsible for creating antibodies to fight against infection and disease that does penetrate the body. White blood cells, specifically B and T-lymphocytes, keep track of what foreign invaders have been in the body before, and can then quickly notice and react if the invader is present. This adaptive system works to respond before the body becomes overly affected by the infection, making you feel sick. 

The main parts of the immune system are: 

  • White blood cells 
  • Antibodies 
  • Complement system 
  • Lymphatic system 
  • Spleen 
  • Bone marrow 
  • Thymus 

Nutritional Supplements + The Immune System  

Over time, the immune system can become run down due to a variety of life factors. Additionally, as we naturally age the immune system weakens and becomes less effective at fending off disease and internal abnormalities. Due to the importance of a strong immune system, many individuals seek out nutritional supplements in an effort to optimize their immune function. 

But do vitamin supplements work when it comes to the immune system? 

Unfortunately, many popular on-the-market supplements do not yield any benefit to an individual’s immune health. This is due to nutritional supplements failing to address the root needs of the immune system and the personal deficiencies of an individual. 

Every stage of the immune system response is dependent on having the necessary micronutrients to stimulate proper cellular function. Key nutrients that have been identified as essential to the immune system’s overall health include: 

  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin D 
  • Zinc 
  • Selenium 
  • Iron 
  • Amino acids (ex. glutamine) 

The best way to introduce these micronutrients to the body is through a proper diet. However, many individuals are unsure how to construct a nutrient-focused diet or do not get enough daily percentage of specific nutrients. This is when many may explore nutritional supplements in an attempt to boost their immune system health. 

Life Support & Total Pathogen Support 

There are countless conditions, disorders, and additional elements that can cause the immune system to be more susceptible to disease or function at a lower level. From allergies to autoimmune disorders to medications, individuals face a variety of factors that can compromise their immune health. 

Life Support and Total Pathogen Support are two health products that may be classified as “nutritional supplements,” but adds real nutritional value to an individual’s system. 

Life Support is designed with the highest dosage amounts of amino acids like L-theanine, antioxidants like vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and more — all of which are proven micronutrients for optimal immune system function. 

Total Pathogen Support provides an additional boost to the immune system by introducing phytochemicals that carry strong pathogen fighting properties. The nutritional supplement formula is centered around organic celery extract, trans-resveratrol Japanese knotweed, and other natural plant-derived ingredients. This formula is designed to help support the immune system in its battle against common bacterial, viral and fungal infections like Epstein Barr, Lyme disease, clostridia, and more. 

Optimizing the health of your immune system is one of the best ways to ensure overall wellbeing and improved quality of life. Numerous health complications or concerns stem from immune system dysfunction, including chronic fatigue, hair loss, difficulty concentrating, persistent bodily inflammation, etc. Life Support Health Products are built to strengthen and aid the immune system design for all age groups and system function levels.